Deed of transfer of title

On the day on which ownership is transferred, civil-law notary Houtepen will check whether all the money has been received and whether the legal position has remained unchanged, for instance, whether the house has been attached in the meantime or an additional mortgage has been taken out. When all is in order, we will go through the deed of transfer of title and, if applicable, the deed of mortgage.

Signing the deed of transfer of title
Have all your questions been answered and is everything clear? Time to sign the deed of transfer of title and to make the purchase of your house or apartment final. What a joyful moment! You will not only get the keys to your new house, but also a copy of the deed of transfer of title as proof of ownership.

Deed of transfer of title, title deed or proof of ownership
The deed of transfer of title is also called the title deed. After signing this deed, the house is yours. Do you have any questions regarding the meaning of certain terms or regarding the process at Notaris Houtepen, all the way through to signing the deed of transfer of title? Do contact us.