Buying an apartment

Buying an apartment is special in that you become a co-owner of the building. Every owner of an apartment has the exclusive right of use (apartment right) of his apartment and may also use the communal areas.

Owners’ Association
Because the building is owned by several owners, it is mandatory for every owner to be a member of the Owners’ Association (Vereniging van Eigenaren, VvE). This association looks after the joint owners’ interests, such as the insurance and the maintenance of the building.

Property division regulations and deed of division
Buying your apartment involves a number of important documents. The deed of division does not only include the articles of association of the owners’ association, it also includes the property division regulations. These regulations state how the complex is divided and the share in the community to which each owner is entitled, and which share he must contribute to the costs to be incurred for the apartment complex. The articles of association describe the rules for the owners’ association meetings. The owners’ association may also have standing orders that describe the rules of conduct for the residents. It goes without saying that the financial data and the most recent minutes of the owners’ association are also important.

From contract of sale to deed of transfer
The purchase of your apartment must be laid down in writing in a purchase agreement or contract of sale. Subsequently, you have a reconsideration period of three full days. If you wish, Notaris Houtepen can have the contract of sale registered with the Land Registry Office (Kadaster). This registration protects you from any adversity, such as the vendor going bankrupt or having his property attached. After the signing of the contract of sale and the subsequent checks that are required, we draft the notarial deed of transfer of title. As soon as you have signed this deed, the apartment is yours.

Notaris Houtepen arranges the legal transfer of title to your apartment
Right of use, apartment right, owners’ association, property division regulations, deed of division … is all this really required when you buy an apartment? We understand that these are all unfamiliar phrases. Notaris Houtepen will take ample time to explain all these to you. We are known for our extensive, clear explanation. If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them for you.