In case of divorce, many decisions need to be made. Will one of you remain in the house, what to arrange for the children, and what to do about the expenses and financial matters? A lawyer or mediator will help you to organise the practical divorce matters properly and fairly. They will assist you with the drawing up of the contract of division of property. The civil-law notary is a neutral expert who will listen to your wishes, will give advice and will formulate the agreements between you and your former partner in a notarial deed or will terminate your cohabitation agreement.

Termination of marriage
When a marriage, a civil partnership or a cohabitation agreement ends, you will need proper agreements. Agreements that really work. If you have under-age children together, you will have to draw up a parenting plan that sets out your agreements regarding your children. If you own a house together, you will have to decide what to do about the house after your divorce. The division of possessions, the maintenance payments and your pension will also have to be dealt with.

Divorce at Notaris Houtepen
Expert advice on the best solution in your situation may make divorce slightly easier. Civil-law notary Houtepen will look after the practical aspects of your divorce, such as the division of the marital home and the amendment of the mortgage. Be aware that your wills may also have to be amended. Please, do not hesitate to contact Notaris Houtepen if you want to find out more about the role of a civil-law notary in case of divorce.