Deed of mortgage

Most people who buy a house take out a mortgage loan from a bank to pay for their house. Taking out a mortgage is no simple process. A lot of money is involved. The first step is the application for a quotation for a mortgage. Once this has been okayed, you return the signed mortgage quotation and you have time to submit the required documents. Based on the information provided, the bank will approve the loan. Not until then may the deed of mortgage be executed by civil-law notary Houtepen.

Some home-buyers borrow money to buy a house from their parents, for instance. In this case it is also important that a loan agreement is drawn up. This agreement does not only lay down the interests of the money lender, but yours too. It goes without saying that the fiscal aspects are also important. Notaris Houtepen will be happy to help you draft a loan agreement and to formulate this in a notarial deed.

Execution of the deed of mortgage
One of our expert employees will draw up your deed of mortgage. Of course, we will explain exactly what you sign for, as a deed of mortgage contains rules which have legal consequences for you. We will also check whether it is necessary to amend your last will or your cohabitation agreement. A cohabitation agreement is not mandatory when you buy a house together for the first time, but we do recommend it.

Deed of mortgage and deed of transfer of title
On the same day when you sign the deed of mortgage at Notaris Houtepen, you will also sign the deed of transfer of title to your house or apartment. Read more about the deed of transfer of title.